Telegraph cartoonist Bob Moran sacked over Covid-19 Twitter posts

Telegraph sacks cartoonist Bob Moran over Twitter posts targeting NHS doctor

Bob Moran Telegraph Twitter page

Update 13 October:

The Telegraph has sacked cartoonist Bob Moran over comments he made on social media targeting an NHS doctor over Covid-19 policy.

Moran revealed on Tuesday night he had been given his notice after two weeks on suspension.

It comes a week after he tweeted a lengthy statement in response to the backlash to his comment that a palliative care doctor “deserves to be verbally abused” for encouraging the use of masks on public transport.

He said: “I regret any distress caused by my comments… It was a mistake to send a tweet suggesting that she deserved verbal abuse and I’m sorry if she received any as a result.

“I want to make it clear that I did not target Dr Clarke in any capacity as a journalist or as an employee of Telegraph Media Group. I targeted her in my capacity as a desperate and angry father of a disabled child,” Moran said, explaining the impact the Covid-19 lockdown had on his family.

He added: “I may have gone too far in this instance. I may have violated Twitter’s terms. I may have broken the rules of civilised debate. But I have not broken my promise to my little girl [to stand up for her].”

Original story 28 September:

The Telegraph is set to suspend cartoonist Bob Moran over Twitter posts he has made targeting an NHS doctor, Press Gazette understands.

Moran encouraged his followers to abuse a palliative care doctor who posted about wearing masks on public transport to stop the spread of Covid-19.

He wrote: “She deserves to be verbally abused in public for the rest of her worthless existence. They all do.”

His tweet has since been removed by Twitter for violating its policies.

Doctor Rachel Clarke, tweeting as @doctor_oxford, responded to Moran saying: “Why do you employ a man who openly abuses NHS staff, @telegraph?”

Moran tweeted in response that Clarke “promotes disgusting ideologies” and that her behaviour was “pure evil”.

Press Gazette is not repeating the entire Twitter exchange for legal reasons.

Clarke reported the tweet to police and also threatened to sue Moran for defamation and asked her followers if they would help crowdfund the action if so. Many showed support, including LBC presenter James O’Brien.

The British Medical Association tweeted: “This is appalling to hear Rachel – this is completely unacceptable and should not be tolerated; there should be consequences for abusing NHS staff like this.”

Press Gazette understands that as of early Tuesday afternoon the Telegraph is planning to suspend Moran.

Moran’s website “about” page claims he is “notable for using humour and emotion to convey important messages, defend moral principles and invite people to reflect on what really matters in life”.

Some of his former tweets about Covid-19 include calling a vaccinated person “dangerously misguided” and suggesting the NHS was not being honest about pressure on hospitals.

In January he was challenged on Twitter by fellow Telegraph journalist Bill Gardner who wrote: “Very serious allegations, so I imagine you must have strong evidence that the NHS is ‘lying’. Feel free to pass across. Usual work email. Thanks.”

Five days later Gardner said of Moran encouraging people to break lockdown rules: “There’s sensible debate on lockdown… and there’s this.”

The journalist later added: “Perhaps you don’t read the Telegraph. Plenty of sensibly-held views there, from both sides. And journalists reporting the facts, rather than inciting people to break the law. Thanks.”



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8 thoughts on “Telegraph sacks cartoonist Bob Moran over Twitter posts targeting NHS doctor”

  1. The world has gone entirely mad, so anyone speaking the plain truth will be seen as a madman, and hounded as such. It was predicted, and now it’s actually happening. We can prove they are lying, in a hundred different ways, but once you believe, it is very difficult to show you’ve been fooled. Those who rule are very, very smart.

  2. It is truly frightening how many people subscribe to the baseless, anti-scientific nonsense that Covid-19 is just a harmless common cold. It is a lunatic claim which is absurd on its face and debunked instantly by images of the many totally overwhelmed hospitals during the first, second and third waves in the UK.

    But in a world where people can choose to only receive information they want to hear, from corrupted and perverted sources they can rely on to reaffirm their existing prejudices, it is incredibly easy to fall into a disinformation ditch and just happily bathe in it forevermore.

    The common cold does not cause permanent brain damage. The common cold does not leave anybody needing intubation and ventilation. The common cold does not cause permanent lung and heart damage. The common cold does not cause permanent kidney and liver damage. The common cold does not leave people suffering from seemingly permanent chronic fatigue and breathlessness. The common cold does not overwhelm hospitals’ intensive care units.

    But if you wish to ignore all of the above – and instead to label the entire global medical and scientific community as liars and conspirators, and to believe that David Icke, Piers Corbyn, Dan Wootton and Bob Moran know better – then in today’s media landscape, you can do that, all the while receiving constant affirmation and praise from other, like-minded conspiracy theorists swimming in the same ditch.

    The internet was thought to have democratised the media landscape. Instead, it has completely destroyed the most basic principle on which any rational, civilised, democratic society must be founded: the existence of facts.

    The old saying goes: You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on, that is no longer true. People do simply choose their own facts.

    If it is inconvenient to their argument that on numerous occasions during the pandemic, so many Covid-19 patients have required intubation and life support that hospitals have had to double and triple their ICU capacity, leaving them completely overwhelmed, then those who find the pandemic inconvenient simply claim this is a lie.

    There are no intubated patients. It’s all a hoax! Look, here’s a photo of a corridor somewhere, which proves that there is no pandemic. Or actually, it’s just a coincidence, and the intubated patients actually haven’t got Covid-19 at all! It’s just silly old doctors who don’t know what they’re doing. They’d do well to listen to Maureen at number 79, who has discovered the real truth on the comments underneath a post on the IlluminatiInsights Facebook page.

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