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Are these guys from another planet?

Axegrinder’s award for the most brazen PR stunt this week goes to Future’s monthly sci-fi title, SFX, which is being sent into space. And no, discarded copies of the magazine aren’t being taped to a rocket and blasted off the planet because there aren’t enough landfill sites.

The magazine has proudly announced it has teamed up with Sent Forever, which transmits messages into deep space, and ‘once that message starts travelling, it will continue for an eternity”.

SFX magazine will be sent digitally from Future’s offices in Bath to Cornwall’s Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station and then beamed into deep space as a radio wave, travelling at a ‘phenomenal 671 million miles per hour through space”.

Dave Bradley, editor of SFX, said it was a fantastic way of boosting subscriptions. ‘It’s a tremendous honour to be the editor of the first ever intergalactic magazine,’he said. ‘It’s great to ensure that when aliens finally contact Earth, they’ll be SFX subscribers.”




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