Archbishop of York slams 'greed' of celeb-driven media - Press Gazette

Archbishop of York slams 'greed' of celeb-driven media

The Archbishop of York has praised the journalists who fight against the “greed and self-centredness” pervading the celebrity gossip-driven media.

Speaking at the One World Media Awards in London, Dr John Sentamu congratulated those who fight to “give a voice to the voiceless in our world”.

He said: “I give thanks to my Father in heaven for your work as NGOs, as aid agencies and as journalists.

“It represents a light that shines, like a city on a hill, and that offers an alternative path to those who would be seduced by celebrity, trivialised by gossip and depoliticised by cynicism.”

He commented on “how hard it is to raise the flag of human experience and triumph over the hubris of the latest series of Big Brother” and “the cynical distortion of values that operate in parts of our global media”.

“These values are at their most pernicious when the voices and views of people in the two-thirds world are drowned out by corporate and consumerist interests.”

Dr Sentamu added: “I would like to thank you all for the invaluable work you do in fighting back against the greed and self-centredness which pervades the media industry.”

The Archbishop was presenting the One World Media Awards, which are given for excellence in media coverage on issues of international development.