April ABCs: FT circulation reaches plateau after five months


Sales of the Financial Times has plateaued after five consecutive sales hikes.

It was down 2.01 per cent year-on-year with sales of to 452,930
according to April ABC circulation figures released today, compared to
a 2.5 per cent month-on-month rise in the last period.

The Daily Star was the only national paper to put on sales up 0.01 per cent year on year to 770,313.

The FT’s international sale has consistently increased with
sales having risen 28,053 since November 2006 when it sold 432,980.
During January its UK sale dipped 1,296 but in the last two periods it
has increased from 132,487 to 136,696.

The Evening Standard continues its downward slope in face of competition from the free London Lite (399,746) and thelondonpaper (491,387) down 18.63 per cent to 268,121. However its month on month sale shows a brighter picture down just 0.14 per cent.

The Daily Telegraph posted a minute 0.14 per cent year-on-year decline which was helped by some 17,182 being sold at a lesser rate between November 2006 to April 2007.

Sales were also boosted by promotions including Jeeves and Wooster DVDs and Dr.Seuss audio books and activity sets.

The Sunday popular market continues its descent averaging a decline of 7.24 per cent year-on-year with the Sunday Sport continuing to hemorrhage sales. It was down 22.69 per cent year on year and the People shed 14.40 per cent.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that the FT had posted its sixth consecutive circulation increase and that the Daily Telegraph had posted a decline of 0.31 per cent. We apologise for the errors.

<table border=”0″ cellspacing=”5″ cellpadding=”0″ width=”400″ style=”border-collapse: collapse; table-layout: fixed”>

<tbody><tr height=”13″>
<td height=”13″>Title</td>
<td>April 2007</td>
<td>April 2006</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Daily mirror</td>
<td class=”xl24″>1,537,143</td>
<td class=”xl24″>1,654,992</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-7.12%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Daily Recod</td>
<td class=”xl24″>404,187</td>
<td class=”xl24″>446,628</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-9.50%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Daily Star</td>
<td class=”xl24″>770,313</td>
<td class=”xl24″>770,241</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>0.01%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>The Sun</td>
<td class=”xl24″>3,047,527</td>
<td class=”xl24″>3,154,881</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-3.40%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Daily Express</td>
<td class=”xl24″>760,086</td>
<td class=”xl24″>832,462</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-8.69%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Daily Mail</td>
<td class=”xl24″>2,300,420</td>
<td class=”xl24″>2,371,133</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-2.98%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Daily Telegraph</td>
<td class=”xl24″>898,817</td>
<td class=”xl24″>900,078</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-0.14%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Financial Times</td>
<td class=”xl24″>452,930</td>
<td class=”xl24″>462,235</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-2.01%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>The Herald</td>
<td class=”xl24″>69,829</td>
<td class=”xl24″>73,834</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-5.42%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>The Guardian</td>
<td class=”xl24″>366,556</td>
<td class=”xl24″>374,580</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-2.14%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Independent</td>
<td class=”xl24″>249,536</td>
<td class=”xl24″>252,931</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-1.34%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>The Scotsman</td>
<td class=”xl24″>55,645</td>
<td class=”xl24″>63,449</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-12.30%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>The Times</td>
<td class=”xl24″>629,157</td>
<td class=”xl24″>654,813</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-3.92%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Racing Post</td>
<td class=”xl24″>75,459</td>
<td class=”xl24″>81,228</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-7.10%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Evening Standard</td>
<td class=”xl24″>266,214</td>
<td class=”xl24″>315,800</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-15.70%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Daily Star Sunday</td>
<td class=”xl24″>383,231</td>
<td class=”xl24″>385,109</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-0.49%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>News of the World</td>
<td class=”xl24″>3,282,263</td>
<td class=”xl24″>3,551,378</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-7.58%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Sunday Mail</td>
<td class=”xl24″>507,279</td>
<td class=”xl24″>527,831</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-3.89%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Sunday Mirror</td>
<td class=”xl24″>1,399,690</td>
<td class=”xl24″>1,457,919</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-3.99%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>The People</td>
<td class=”xl24″>721,667</td>
<td class=”xl24″>843,077</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-14.40%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Sunday Sport</td>
<td class=”xl24″>94,117</td>
<td class=”xl24″>121,737</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-22.69%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Sunday Express</td>
<td class=”xl24″>739,298</td>
<td class=”xl24″>789,363</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-6.34%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Sunday Post</td>
<td class=”xl24″>419,701</td>
<td class=”xl24″>-</td>
<td class=”xl26″>-</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Mail on Sunday</td>
<td class=”xl24″>2,333,699</td>
<td class=”xl24″>2,430,850</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-4.00%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Independent on Sunday</td>
<td class=”xl24″>244,809</td>
<td class=”xl24″>258,368</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-5.25%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Observer, The</td>
<td class=”xl24″>463,128</td>
<td class=”xl24″>503,582</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-8.03%</td>
<tr height=”13″>
<td class=”xl25″ height=”13″>Scotland on Sunday</td>
<td class=”xl24″>70,191</td>
<td class=”xl24″>75,240</td>
<td class=”xl26″ align=”right”>-6.71%</td>

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