Aldi stops selling newspapers and magazines in UK stores

Aldi stops selling newspapers and magazines in UK stores

Discount supermarket giant Aldi has stopped selling newspapers and magazines at all of its UK stores.

Aldi, which was ranked as the UK’s fifth biggest supermarket earlier this year, put up notices in its stores on Monday to tell customers it would no longer be stocking its newsstands with immediate effect.

The notice said: “From 30 September we will no longer be stocking newspapers and magazines. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Press Gazette understands sales were consistently low, with the company expecting the impact on customers to be limited.

The German-owned company found the space in its stores needs to be better utilised, especially as they are generally smaller than other major supermarkets.

It therefore decided to optimise the sales space it has available by getting rid of its newsstands.

The decision was made about five months ago but has only just rolled out to the hundreds of Aldi stores across the UK.

An Aldi spokesperson declined to comment.

After seeing the notice to customers inside one Aldi store, Guardian media columnist and former Daily Mirror editor Roy Greenslade said the company’s decision “appears to be yet another sign of the disruptive, nay destructive, nature of the digital revolution”.

“Once there were tablets of stone. Now we get our messages on tablets of plastic.”

Money journalist Simon Read said today it was “another blow for traditional print media”, while the Telegraph’s consumer champion Katie Morley described it as “bleak”.

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5 thoughts on “Aldi stops selling newspapers and magazines in UK stores”

  1. Don’t know if this is even the space to leave my thoughts and comments but here I go! Personally I think it is yet another decision taken by ‘the powers that be’ to withdraw selling newspapers and magazines in all UK ALDI stores – irrespective of thinking outside the box how it affects us ‘Joe Public’. I know for a fact that many elderly people use ALDI as their ‘newsagent’ as simply there aren’t any of those anymore as we have been bamboozled into getting into the daily habit of buying from supermarkets rather than the high street newsagent – and for this very reason there are NO newsagents on any high street anymore. So now where does anyone go on foot to buy their newspapers??? No paper deliveries either – that treat has well gone for those unable to even get out and about and relied and looked forward to the early morning click and thud of the letterbox and arrival of the daily news. Not everyone likes to read news ‘digitally’ or even have the facility or sadly ability, to do so. So please you people out there who take and make decisions such as this – think on – for one day you too may have the need to go pick up a paper !!! Off my soap box

    1. most accurate comment. I think Aldi stop thinking about their older customers because of little profit. They did not think about the effect in their life. world is changing so quickly for some of the population and this is a bad move from Aldi

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