Ad saboteur suggests Welsh car hire firm offering service 'inappropriate for a family newspaper'

The Pembrokeshire Herald has suffered from what may be the worst piece of industrial sabotage in a newspaper since departing Daily Express columnist Stephen Pollard arranged the first letter of every sentence in his final piece to spell out 'f*** you Desmond'.

A number of adverts in the 19 July edition of the paper have been doctored with the worst offence apparently in the Enterprise rent-a-car ad. It states that the company offers: "Free pick up from your home, office, or repair shop and c***-sucking." Unfortunately the issue was only discovered after the 20,000 print run newspaper had gone on sale.

The independently-owned paper was only launched last month.

According to Holdthefrontpage (which also has a picture of the offending ad) publisher Tom Sinclair told readers: "A number of adverts in last Friday’s newspaper had additional copy inserted into them after they had been proofed and signed off.

“The extra copy contained language that was inappropriate for a family newspaper like ours.

“I would like to make it absolutely clear that the adverts were altered without the knowledge of our advertisers or this newspaper.

“The pages had been signed off and were ready to go to print. I would like to apologise to our readers and advertisers for any distress caused.”

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