A woolly attitude to Redford's latest flick

Bad news for Robert Redford’s latest directorial project, Lions for Lambs.
The 71-year-old’s film was savaged in last Friday’s Guardian by the paper’s eminent film critic Peter Bradshaw.

“Pure fence-sitting liberal agony is all that’s on offer here, in a muddled and pompous film about America’s war on terror” he said. No doubt the ad people won’t be using that on the billboards.
Bradshaw seems to have given the film its one star out of five very grudgingly indeed.
But turn to the back page of the paper’s Film and Music section and the reader would be forgiven for thinking the paper had an entirely different view on the movie.
An “advertising promotion” promotes the “exclusive Guardian debate following the film’s screening at the Curzon Soho on 8 November” (And the advert was published
9 November. Oops!).

The film portrays “a powerful and thought-provoking set of questions” and will “leave you stimulated, though frustrated and resolutely moved”.

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