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A story of two halves in Camden rivalry

To the casual reader of the Camden New Journal, it seemed an easy drubbing of bitter rivals the Camden Gazette had been dished out on the football pitch.

“The CNJ’s five-a-side prowess was often too good”, crowed sports editor Richard Osley in its write up. “We won’t embarrass them by printing the scoreline ‒ but we smashed seven past their hapless keeper.”

What he neglected to mention in his report of the CNJ’s “gritty tackles and classy passing moves” was the 14 goals that flew into his side’s own net.

Indeed, eagle-eyed readers may pick out a familiar face among the jubilant Gazette reporters as they celebrate their 14-7 victory in the post-match photo. A grimacing Mr Osley can be seen giving the thumbs down ‒ wearing a very different expression to the grin that graces his weekly column.

An interesting example of how two journalist’s reports of the same event can wildly differ.



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