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By Mike Darcey 16 October 10:20
News UK chief executive Mike Darcey's speech to the Press Gazette News on the Move conference, hosted by News UK at The News Building
By Tim Crook 08 October 9:58
Police 'hacking' of journalists' phone records to identify their sources is a scandal and human rights issue that dwarfs the tabloid phone-hacking affair that led to the Leveson Inquiry.
By Dr Evan Harris 06 October 8:37
I start with a declaration of interest: that I run campaigns for Hacked Off which seeks to improve the effectiveness and independence of press regulation.
By Hardeep Singh 29 September 17:53
Freelance journalist Hardeep Singh faced the fight of his life when he was personally sued by a Sikh holyman in what would become a cause celebre in the campaign for libel reform. He was thrown a lifeline in his free speech battle from what many journalists would see as an unlikely source
By Kevin Hurley 17 September 10:31
I urge you to sign the Press Gazette petition to save journalists' sources – let’s turn the tide against the threat to our public servants' ability to speak out when things go wrong and stand up for the public’s right to know about it.
By Shingi Mariarike 15 September 16:40
To break into journalism you need a foot in the door. News UK’s News Academy Summer School gave me and 18 other young journalists from across Britain more than just a foot in the door, more a shove in the right direction.
By David Banks 08 September 16:32
Here’s a wild thought: why don’t we get the hell out of the Middle East and let the murdering bastards get on with it without us?
By Stewart Purvis 26 August 14:47
If there was an annual award for ‘The most (apparently) honest statement by a broadcast news executive’ then Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, would have to be a front runner. Last week he warned his staff around the world, who are expecting job cuts: “We are going to do less and have to do it with less”.
By Richard Evans 01 August 16:39
In as much as historians think about them at all, British journalists who covered the First World War tend to be viewed in a less than flattering way.
By Alex Marunchak 25 July 9:04
The Sun proudly trumpeted (p2 The Sun 23 July 2014) "Wapping Sun sets" as it printed its final "historic edition" from Fortress Wapping - in the shadow of the less imposing, but infinitely more historic, Tower of London.
By Joanna Turvill 24 July 8:40
Exeter College sixth form student Joanna Turvill was among attending News UK’s Academy open day in London last month. Here, she gives her take on the day and picks out some of the best quotes and advice from speakers at the event.
By Barbara Kevles 18 July 12:29
One night, while scanning my name on Google, I discovered a hyperlink to a free download of my writing book, Basic Magazine Writing (Writer’s Digest Books). I own the book’s copyright. I hadn’t sold the e-rights. The discovery triggered jolts of bone-tingling fear, helplessness, and rage at the theft of my book.
By Bethany Usher 04 July 11:22
In mitigation before today’s sentencing, Andy Coulson, former chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck (pictured above) and their colleagues James Weatherup and Greg Miskiw all publicly admitted involvement in phone-hacking for the first time. They said they did it simply because they thought it was allowed.
By Anonymous 03 July 9:12
Are there too many people aged 65 and over who occupy senior jobs in journalism? I think the answer to that question is 'yes', and as a 30-something reporter trying to make some headway in the business I want to explain why.
By Jill Parkin 01 July 12:48
We knew the bulldozers were in, of course, but it was still a shock to us, my father and me, when we drove past the other day. “My bit’s still there, but yours has gone,” he remarked.
By Steve Dyson 26 June 10:23
When I first bumped into Chris Bullivant and he told me of his concerns about Trinity Mirror’s alleged predatory pricing, I was in two minds about whether I should get involved.
By Andrea Teti and Sarah Hynek of the University of Aberdeen 24 June 9:02
Three Al Jazeera English journalists have been convicted in the Cairo Criminal Court of spreading false news, threatening national security and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood – previously Egypt’s first democratically elected government now deemed a terrorist organisation.
By Richard Caseby 19 May 12:58
Whatever else, most people would agree that welfare reform is complex and challenging.
By Bethany Usher 02 May 12:24
Mail Online managed a 690 per cent increase in audience in the first five years since its relaunch – from 18.7m visitors a month in May 2008 to 128m in May 2013.
By Rob McGibbon 30 April 11:29
It was good to see Roy Greenslade being a touch magnanimous about Max Clifford in his Guardian blog. I have been surprised to see certain others chasing the blue light to the radio and TV studios to put the boot in to one they once so openly loved.